Cleave & Company Ltd,
No1 Buckingham Place,
London SW1E 6HR

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CLEAVE’S CLIENTS seek a holy trinity in every bespoke piece: unique; perfect; beautiful. Cleave’s work lives at a crossroads: rooted in tradition while aspiring to the future, refining traditional skills yet transcending the boundaries of contemporary design, crossing the line where craftsmanship becomes art. Each piece marries a client’s desires with extraordinary raw materials and a passion for perfection. Cleave’s goldsmiths unite the finest, ethically sourced, precious metals and stones with a contemporary vision and a peerless tradition of superb manufacturing.

CLEAVE ARE SPECIALISTS in the design and manufacture of bespoke gifts and special commissions. We have supplied heads of state... Read more.

CLEAVE PENS MERGE the traditional skills of our master craftsmen, with state of the art technology to create not only reliable writing... Read more.

CLEAVE HAS A RICH heritage, combining a unique past with modern style to develop highly sought-after works of art. Our jewellers, goldsmiths... Read more.