Cleave & Company Ltd,
No1 Buckingham Place,
London SW1E 6HR

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CLEAVE ARE CREATORS of glorious State regalia. Cleave’s pioneering heritage and unrivalled experience in the modern day interpretation of national cultural identity combine to redefine the design and manufacture of Orders, Decorations and Medals for Governments and Institutions across the globe in the Twenty First Century.
Cleave’s goldsmiths, designers and enamellers draw on decades of apprenticeship and experience to create insignia that bear witness to national achievement and celebrate each client’s unique identity.

CLEAVE’S CLIENTS seek a holy trinity in every bespoke piece: unique; perfect; beautiful. Cleave’s work lives at a crossroads: rooted in... Read more.

CLEAVE ARE SPECIALISTS in the design and manufacture of bespoke gifts and special commissions. We have supplied heads of state... Read more.

CLEAVE PENS MERGE the traditional skills of our master craftsmen, with state of the art technology to create not only reliable writing... Read more.